Create Gorgeous Workbooks for Your Business in Minutes (Without Hiring a Designer!)

Ultimate Canva Workbook - Ria Cruz
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I see you...

You want to create a beautiful, customized workbook for your coaching business but you don't know how to do it.

You spend hours looking for the right template but you can't find any.

You've tried using Canva and Photoshop in the past, but you aren't tech savvy enough to make something worth sharing (or putting your name on it!)

You're tired of making excuses for having ugly, unorganized and unbranded resources for your business but you can’t afford to hire a designer.

Or you hire an expensive designer to make your workbook but it wasn't up to your standards.

I totally understand you.

Let me end all your workbook suffering!

Let's turn your workbooks from bland to brand!

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Hold onto your seat because...

I'm about to save you TIME and MONEY!

I've created this Gorgeous, Canva-Editable Workbook Template that you can add your design toolkit and customize according to your own brand in minutes ON YOUR OWN!

Create your own Branded Workbook in Canva for Just a Few Minutes!

Be the Authority in your Industry by Elevating your Digital Assets!

Customize your Workbook by dragging your images, changing the colors and text.


Ultimate Canva Workbook - Ria Cruz

Here's What You'll Get...

Ultimate Canva Workbook - Ria Cruz

6 Workbook Cover Options

5 Coach's/Author's Note

2 What to Expect Options

6 Table of Contents

7 Section/Module Cover Options

5 Section Content

5 Fill-in-the-blanks Pages

2 Lesson with Activity

5 Checklists

4 To-Do List

3 Notes Page

BONUS: 3 Thank You Pages

BONUS: 1 What's Next? Page

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Now Only $9

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Plus Get This Bonus...


5 Workbook Promotion Templates

that you can use to showcase or show off your newly-designed branded workbook!

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See the Branded Workbook in Action

Let me answer some...

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this template work for me?

The Ultimate Canva Workbook Template was designed to make fast, easy-to-do, printable and fillable workbooks in just minutes.

So if you're a coach, consultant, mentor, speaker, author, thought leader or business owner, as long as you need a workbook, this is perfect for you!

I'm a graphic designer. Can I use this?

Absolutely! You can use the Ultimate Canva Workbook template as part of your design arsenal/toolkit.

You can design faster and easier without compromising your rates.

What do I do with this template?

That's the easy part! When you use your Ultimate Canva Workbook template, you will be able to create your own customized, branded workbooks, questionnaires, activity sheets, welcome kits, and assessment forms for your business or for your clients.

You can also use this to elevate the digital resources for your workshops, masterclasses, events, courses, masterminds, and signature offers. This could also be the perfect time to increase your program and offer rates!

How long do I have access to the template?

You have lifetime access to the templates.

Can I resell these templates as part of my own offers?


Whether you sell these templates as they originally are or you only changed the content and colors without changing the entirety of the design, you cannot resell this product and consider it your own work.

When you purchased this template, you are allowed to use it for personal and non-commercial use.

In simpler terms, when you create your own workbooks using the template, the workbooks you made can be sold as part of your offers. But if you're including the templates themselves as part of your offers, that's a big NO NO!

As a fellow entrepreneur, you should respect my intellectual property, license  and copyright.

I love your templates! Can I be an affiliate?

YES! Send an email to so I can set up an affiliate link for you.

I'm sold! Where do I buy them?

Simply click the button below, and you can enter your details to complete the purchase.

If you've purchased through Teachable, you will automatically get access to the workbook guide where I walk you through how to access your templates and provide you with the template link and bonus downloadable.

If you've paid through GCash or bank transfer, please allow 12-24 hours for payment confirmation. After confirmation, you will receive access to the Ultimate Canva Workbook template.

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